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The Tommy Atkins Centre

Welcome to the home page of the Tommy Atkins Centre. Please keep checking back for updates, new courses and news at the centre. We will also post news and updates on SSAFA, Combat Stress and the RBL
  • Very pleased to announce that Simon West from Combat Stress will be running a Peer Support group here at The Tommy Atkins Centre, Worcester on Tuesday 26th June from 1030 – 1300.  This is an open invitation to any local veterans able to attend, if you are interested please make contact with me, Jane 07731 729259 as there are limited spaces.  Basically it’s an opportunity for veterans to sit down and meet each other and have some great banter, and make some new friends over a cuppa.  Nothing more, nothing less.  If you’re free next Tuesday please give me a

  • Accessing NHS mental health care for veterans To access these services, you need to go through the NHS Veterans’ Mental Health TILS. This can be done by contacting the service directly, or by asking your GP or a military charity to refer you. To contact the service directly: ·         in the north of England, call 0191 441 5974 or email ·         in the Midlands or east of England, call 0300 323 0137 or email ·         in London or the south east of England, call 020 3317 6818 or email ·         in the south west of England, call 0300 365 0300, or email or To access these services you

  • What a great day on Thursday 14th June. The SBT Patron @MattNealRacing popped along to the Tommy Atkins Centre in Worcester to find out how his Veterans team worked under the radar. Pabs, Jane & Matt having a bit of a pose outside.

  • FYI Dr Jonathon Leech, Veterans Lead NHS England has expressed a wish to attend our next breakfast club meeting on Saturday 7th July at 1000 in The Postal Order, Worcester to give a short talk on the new NHS TILS (Transition, Intervention & Liason Service) that is now in place for veterans and their families mental health and welfare issues. He has to be elsewhere by 1100, so I’m asking if anyone would like to find out more about this new service, 1000 is the time to be there.

  • Could you Walk A Mile In Their Shoes?  Of course not, no one could.  Thousands of Veterans in the UK are currently suffering with Operational Traumatic Injuries such as PTSD, Anxiety, Depression and many more mental health illnesses.  In some extreme cases, the veteran can no longer stand the constant flashbacks and nightmares of the horrors that they have experiences and, sadly, take their own lives. Despite the efforts of the many charities and agencies, veterans can still find it hard to get the help they need.  Often, it is because they simply don’t know where to go. The Sandbag

  • Lead by example, that’s my motto as I swallow a huge lump of dread.  Seriously, Op Wamits is probably the most impacting project I could have undertaken.  The primary focus is not to raise funds, although this would be a great way to support veterans charities , but to let people know the cold hard truth of Operation Stress Injuries. Recently, I was saddened by the death of a soldier from my old regiment by suicide.  Although I didn’t know him personally, it was still very upsetting to know it had happened so close to home.  Just after this I

  • THE Ministry of Defence (MoD) has fallen ‘woefully short’ with its plan to meet the housing needs of troops, a new report has claimed. The Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) has told the government it runs the risk of driving people away from the armed forces unless a ‘coherent and detailed’ housing strategy is developed. The think tank’s paper, entitled The Home Front: The Future Accommodation Model For The UK Armed Forces, calls on the MoD to make significant changes to housing provision if it is to stay ‘affordable and relevant’. The paper suggests the armed forces ‘should give increased

  • Here at The Tommy Atkins Centre for veterans we are pleased to announce a new Peer Support group meeting hosted by Simon West of Combat Stress on Thursday 14th June from 1000 to 1300. This is a great opportunity for veterans to meet up and have some great banter over a cuppa, and maybe make a few new friends?  All veterans very welcome, regardless of ability/disability/age/gender. Any local veterans who would like to attend this group please contact me. Jane Shields by email or by telephone 07731 729259  Spaces are limited, but their are some available.

  • Hi all, The Tommy Atkins Centre (TAC) in Worcester is an independent veterans care hub designed to help veterans with a whole range of issues including mental health, housing, employment, pension & benefit advice plus lots more. We work very closely with SSAFA, Combat Stress, the RBL, Aged UK, Blind Veterans UK and many more other veterans and local agencies, The TAC also boasts it’s own psychtherapist and  dedicated doctor ensuring veterans get the help they need when they need it. If you would like more information about the centre please contact us on

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