Operation Kaveri: Indian Citizens Safely Evacuated from Sudan

PM Modi lauded for decisive action, and a heroic soldier gains recognition in successful evacuation of Indian citizens from crisis-stricken Sudan.

In response to the escalating crisis in Sudan, the Indian government has successfully completed Operation Kaveri, a mission aimed at evacuating Indian citizens from the conflict-ridden nation. The effort has garnered widespread appreciation from the rescued citizens, who expressed their gratitude towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Indian armed forces.

Operation Kaveri

Operation Kaveri commenced amid growing concerns for the safety of Indian nationals in Sudan. The Indian government, led by PM Modi, promptly initiated the evacuation process, coordinating with the Indian Air Force (IAF) and the Ministry of External Affairs to ensure the safe return of citizens.

The IAF deployed C-17 Globemaster aircraft for the evacuation, swiftly transporting Indian citizens back to their homeland. The rescued individuals expressed their relief and gratitude, praising the government for its quick action and the armed forces for their unwavering dedication.

One of the evacuees said, “We are extremely grateful to Prime Minister Modi, the Indian government, and our brave soldiers for bringing us back home safely. We were in a dire situation, and their timely intervention has saved us from the dangers of the ongoing crisis in Sudan.”

Among those involved in the operation, a heroic soldier has captured the nation’s attention. His selfless actions and commitment to the safety of the evacuees have been hailed as an example of the courage and dedication displayed by the Indian armed forces. The soldier’s identity remains undisclosed, but his actions have resonated with the grateful citizens and earned him recognition as a national hero.

Prime Minister Modi has acknowledged the success of Operation Kaveri, taking to social media to express his appreciation for the Indian armed forces and the Ministry of External Affairs. He also reassured the nation that the government remains committed to the welfare of its citizens, both within the country and abroad.

The successful completion of Operation Kaveri showcases the Indian government’s commitment to the safety and well-being of its citizens, regardless of the challenges faced. The swift and decisive action taken by the government and the bravery exhibited by the armed forces have undoubtedly saved many lives and brought relief to numerous families across India.

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