Spanish PM’s Kyiv Visit: A Strong Stand for Ukraine with Aid and Support

Spanish PM’s Kyiv Visit: A Strong Stand for Ukraine with Aid and Support
  • PublishedJuly 2, 2023

In an emphatic show of support for Ukraine in its battle against Russian incursion, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has recently visited Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital. This visit is seen as a reaffirmation of backing not only from Spain but also the broader European Union for Ukraine’s ongoing struggle.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, during a press interaction alongside Sanchez, expressed his desire for an invitation to Ukraine from NATO leaders to join the alliance following the war. This proposal, voiced in the context of an upcoming pivotal NATO summit in Vilnius, Lithuania, highlights Ukraine’s continued efforts to seek international support and strengthen its defenses.

Further solidifying Spain’s commitment, Sanchez announced that Madrid would increase its aid to Ukraine, including supplying more heavy weaponry. This aid package comprises four Leopard tanks, armoured personnel carriers, and a portable field hospital, equipping Ukraine with critical resources for its defense and humanitarian needs amidst the escalating conflict.

Moreover, Spain is set to provide an additional €55 million (approx. $60 million) towards the reconstruction efforts in war-impacted regions of Ukraine. This financial aid will undoubtedly help in addressing the devastating infrastructural damage that Ukraine has endured since the onset of the conflict.

Sanchez’s visit to Kyiv and Spain’s escalated support serves as a robust indication of the solidarity that Ukraine continues to receive from its European allies. Amidst the bleak backdrop of war, such global unity and cooperation offer a beacon of hope for Ukraine as it perseveres in its fight for sovereignty and peace.

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Karen Owens

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